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It wasn’t so long ago that the pundits were predicting the death of the wrist watch. The visionaries of popular culture were convinced that, with the proliferation of mobile communications devices, the wrist-worn timepiece would, like its forefather the pocket watch, soon become a relic of a bygone era.

The ripple effect of this prediction caused those involved in the recognition industry to lament the potential demise of that long-standing stalwart of recognition, the luxury wrist watch. Many arrived at the conclusion that fine watches would soon no longer be the once sought after recognition gift they had been for decades.

What happened to that prediction?

The pundits were wrong. Why? Because they neglected to consider the emotional impact of a fine wrist watch.

While the trend of people to rely on their mobile phones as their “portable clock” continues, it has not impacted the demand for fine timepieces as recognition gifts. In fact, an industry report forecasts that between 2009 and 2014, watch demand will expand 5.9 percent annually to $4 billion. And what is leading the way? Multiple purchases of luxury watches as recognition gifts.

Why time has not run out for fine wrist watches?

Telling time is a practical function. Clocks, watches and now electronic devices are all designed to impart that information accurately. But a fine watch does so much more than tell time. It marks the wearer as a person of distinction, an achiever, a leader.

To the person wearing it, a luxury watch is an extension of his or her personality; an affirmation of confidence. To the person giving it, a fine watch speaks volumes about appreciation and recognition for a job well done. For your customers, fine watches are an easy sell because they are timeless.

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