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TCMPiThanksgiving: Christmas in Disguise


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Thanksgiving. Christmas in Disguise

How to Avoid Getting Lost in the Crush of Holiday Corporate Gift Giving.

More and more companies find that sending business gifts in late November allows them to beat the rush, stand out from the crowd and sometimes even save money.

For most of us, the Christmas holiday season seems to get more and more frantic each year. And when it comes to giving corporate gifts to clients, business partners and employees, the pressure seems even more intense as the years go by.

That’s why so many companies are finding it far easier, more appreciated and sometimes less expensive to do their gift giving at Thanksgiving time. There are a number of factors at play when planning for late-November gift giving:

  1. By avoiding the rush, you are likely to save time. There’s a lot less standing-in-line involved when you shop early. You’re more likely to capture the attention and the time of your chosen gift supplier. Even delivery is easier when couriers are not so busy.
  2. Your gift arrives before the onslaught. The arrival of one present in late November allows the recipient to appreciate the gesture much more than when it arrives in the midst of many others in late December.
  3. Ordering business gifts early means a better selection. Selecting and ordering gifts a full month before everyone else means there are more items in stock, and more time for customization and special orders.

There’s no need to change the type or cost of gifts you select for Thanksgiving but you may want to consider these factors:

  1. Thanksgiving is a time of celebrating with food and beverage. Consider gourmet foods, high-quality cook ware and serving items, fine wines and even designer table top or bar items from the likes of Spode or Baccarat to add to the festivities of the holiday.
  2. Thanksgiving is a time for travel. Many far-flung families find that the long Thanksgiving weekend is perfect for visiting. Gifts such as luggage from Kenneth Cole or Victorinox can make the trip easier and will re-generate appreciation year after year.
  3. Thanksgiving is secularly neutral. A Thanksgiving business gift carries no religious implications so you needn’t worry about offending anyone on those grounds. (However, you should still keep in mind other considerations such as the cost of the gift, personal versus business relationships and so forth.)
  4. Thanksgiving is a time for sharing. To cut costs and still show your appreciation for a number of people, consider share-able gifts like fruit baskets from Harry & David, gourmet food trays from Hickory Farms and fun foods such as cookies or popcorn.

Some corporate gift givers shy away from Thanksgiving as a time for showing their appreciation since it is often seen as a strictly US tradition. However, a number of other countries also celebrate Ā the ideals of Thanksgiving. Consider this: Thanksgiving is the time in which we express our gratitude for the family, friends and others who grace our lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong in sending a Thanksgiving gift to a client in another country. Just because it’s not Thanksgiving there doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation.

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