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TCMPiHow to be Green without going into the Red this Holiday Season


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When it comes to giving business gifts, what’s good for the pocketbook can also be good for the environment.

Environmentally conscious companies face a dilemma when it comes to choosing corporate gifts for clients, business partners and employees. The desire to give business gifts that show their appreciation must be weighed against their desire to protect the world in which we all live. For many, the mere thought of giving petroleum-based, excessively packaged, or downright discard-able gifts is abhorrent. However, with a little careful planning, companies can find eco-friendly gift ideas to help save the planet while saving dollars.

Buy your gifts from companies that care.

Many, many companies today include as part of their corporate mission the care and preservation of Mother Earth.

  • Jewelry from Alex and Ani is created from recycled materials made entirely in the US. Both beautiful and environmentally responsible, Alex and Ani designs are available as business gifts for both men and women. Their packaging is also entirely recyclable.
  • When business gifts include families with children, games from Bioviva Editions aim at encouraging the discovery of nature and its preservation. Games and packaging are recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Whatever It Takes is a program of the 21st Century Leaders Foundation. They create iPhone and Android cell phone cases designed by notables like actors George Clooney and Charlize Theron and musicians Coldplay and Kanye West. 12% of proceeds are contributed to charity, helping alleviate poverty in developing countries and helping contribute to the protection of the environment.

Wrap your gifts in nature.

Being “green” at the holidays should include more than just the business gifts you give; it should also include the packaging and wrapping of the gifts.

  • First, choose products packaged in minimal, recyclable and biodegradable elements.
  • If you decide to wrap your gifts, choose recyclable papers, ribbons, bows and embellishments. Don’t be afraid to try plain brown paper tied with raffia or twine, butcher-type paper with string or re-purposed newspaper with cotton yarn.
  • Don’t wrap your gifts at all. If the item comes nicely pre-packaged, simply add a personalized paper tag and be done with it.

Shop for your gifts with a qualified corporate gift supplier.

Amazingly, many companies are unaware that they can purchase brand name products at considerable savings when they enlist the services of a rewards and incentives supplier that has relationships with many of those brands. Naturally, savings vary from brand to brand but a well-respected supplier can save a company considerable dollars through their connections and ingenuity. When shopping for eco-friendly gifts, companies should rely on their supplier to provide innovative, affordable gift ideas for clients, business partners and employees.

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