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TCMPiEmotional corporate gifting: Why brand name gifts mean so much more.


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When it comes to selecting a gift for employees, customers and clients, or business partners, even the largest corporations often get it wrong. While most consider the financial return on their investment, few think of the emotional impact of the gift they select.

The result? A wasted opportunity and wasted money.

Cost + Impact = Value

While we are all familiar with ROI in financial measures, many companies fail to understand the ROI of emotional terms. In other words, if the gift fails to resonate with the recipient, it’s just money down the drain. On the other hand, the more good feelings the gift generates, the higher the return for the giver.

Emotional value doesn’t necessarily cost more; it just requires more thought. For example, gifts with the giver’s logo smack of self- promotion rather than genuine appreciation. Better to leave the trinkets and such for other purposes.

Instead, a brand name item selected for its appropriateness to the occasion and the recipient will increase impact and memorability well beyond any additional cost, if any.

Brand names + Ingenuity = Memorability

Thoughtful, imaginative gifts don’t necessarily cost more than run-of-the-mill items. Today, brand name products from crystal to teddy bears are readily available from companies all over the world. Some wholesalers with extensive connections specialize in sourcing well-known brands and can create unique, memorable gifts for virtually anyone.

The name brand gift, especially when personalized in some way, carries a panache that tells the recipient “I am appreciated.” The value of the item is virtually always acknowledged when it is received.

As an added value, a name brand gift often continues to generate good feelings about the giver long after it is given. When the gift is actually used, the recipient is likely to recall the giver fondly and may even remark to others the pleasure in receiving the gift. There are other times when the gift is recalled, furthering the good will that the initial giving created.

Corporations generally give gifts for two reasons: they want to acknowledge the value of their employees, customers, and partners and they want the recipients to feel good about the company.

Companies should strive to make their gifts rewarding for both themselves and the receiver. Tapping into extensive selections from hundreds of manufacturers and using ingenuity to personalize gifts is a formula for success in corporate gift giving.

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