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TCMPiChoose-Your-Own: The New Look of Brand Name Business Gifts


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Emotional appeal skyrockets when companies offer a selection of brand name gifts to reward their employees.

Imagine yourself in this scenario: it’s reward time for your sales force. Hundreds of hardworking employees and their significant others are about to show up for three days of rest, relaxation and recognition. There are activities from daybreak to well past sunset. You’ve got speakers to inspire, presentations to give, and gifts to …

Well, what about the gifts?

Shouldn’t they be on par with everything else? If the accommodations, food, activities, speakers and everything else is top-notch, shouldn’t your gifts be as well?

Brand name gifts make people feel special.

Well-known and respected brand names are highly valued by both the companies that own them and the people who own their products. The more highly regarded a brand is, the more likely it is that products carrying that brand will be seen as significant indicators of success and appreciation by those who receive them as gifts.

But wait, there’s more.

To add even more emotional appeal to the gift giving scenario, consider this: if one brand name product carries a higher perceived value than non-branded items, then what would happen if you offered more than one item and let your recipients choose their own gifts?

Gift-giving nirvana, perhaps?

Just imagine: your sales staff is already filled with excitement and anticipation of a hard-earned recognition event. Now, instead of the obligatory so-so thank you gift, you offer them the opportunity to choose from not one but two, three, or even more brand name gifts. Perhaps it’s a selection of sunglasses.

“Go ahead,” you say. “Try them all on. Take the pair that looks best.”

Or maybe there’s an assortment of fashion watches.

“Be our guest,” you tell them. “Choose the one you like. You deserve it.”

Every salesperson at your event gets the item he or she wants, not the one you want them to have.

When they choose, you can’t lose.

The emotional ROI of business gifts cannot be underestimated. In fact, if the gift you give fails to resonate with the recipient, you may as well not give a gift at all. And the more good feelings a gift generates, the better the return on your investment. Allowing your staff to choose what they want from a selection of brand name items ensures that they appreciate the gesture at the time and for a long time to come.

So, back to our sales recognition event. The location is ideal. The presentations are perfect. The leisure activities are the best. And the gifts? Not only are they top-shelf, there’s a selection so everyone can choose for themselves. Now that’s a formula for success.

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