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TCMPiIt’s Time for Timeless Jewelry


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Timeless Jewelry

Heather Biben unveils crystal, pearl and sterling silver selections just right for corporate gifts for women.

When it comes to suggesting corporate gifts with everlasting emotional appeal for women, our Senior Merchandiser Heather Biben heads straight for the Swarovski crystal jewelry selection. Along the way, she stops by Links of London to check out the newest “instant classic”, the Hope Egg Earrings that the Duchess of Cambridge chose for her official engagement portrait. And of course she flags pearl earrings and bracelets from the inspired designer Steven Lagos. With an unerring eye for timelessness as well as beauty, she also visits DeLatori whose motto “Beauty Transcending Time” fits perfectly with the intent of business gifts for women.

Heather’s advice? While business gifts should never be too intimate, modern etiquette suggests earrings, bracelets and necklaces are perfectly okay as holiday gifts or rewards. Crystal, pearls and sterling silver top her lists because they are affordable, appeal to a wide variety of tastes and are stylishly classic.

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