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TCMPiBrand Name Products: The Basics of R&I Selling


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The Official TCMPi Blog

Why do people favor brand name products over no-name products? The simple answer is “ego.” Also known as “status” or “self-esteem” or “prestige.” But no matter what label you put on it, it all boils down to this:

“People want to feel special.”

So it stands to reason that brand name products, with their higher perceived value and panache, would make great rewards and incentives. Here’s how you can convince your customers to choose brand name products for their corporate giving.

If they’re so desirable, what’s keeping you from selling brand name products?

In all likelihood, it’s the misconception about price. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking of brand name products as being more expensive. And some of them are. But you might be surprised by how many well recognized and sought after brand name products are well within the same price point as no-name products.

So why sell your customer a boat load of no-name sunglasses when you can sell genuine Ray-Bans at the same or similar price?

Think of it this way: the better the brand, the bigger the impact – even at the same or similar dollars.

Which brand name product should you sell? Whichever one will make your customers – and their customers – happiest. The answer is all about knowing your audience. If the item is an incentive, what will make them work harder? If it’s a reward, what will make them feel most appreciated? If it’s an event gift, what will delight them?

Remember, your goal is to hear “Wow! I can’t believe I got (fill in the blank)!” not “Oh great, I work my backside off and all I get is this (fill in the blank).”

The fact is there are hundreds of brand name products in virtually every price range that can be had corporate gifts. From sunglasses to sterling silver, if you know your customers, you can give them what they need.

Enough about your customers; what about you? If you want to move from the same-old, same-old stuff you and everyone else have been selling to providing high quality, brand name products, here are four talking points to help you make the transition:

  1. Brand names have greater appeal than trinkets and tchotchkes. They make people feel special.
  2. You’ve got a whole array of brand name products to choose from. There are items for every price point, every occasion, and every person.
  3. Yes, in some cases you can add a logo to a brand name product.Ā And, if this is your scenario:
  4. There is a place for trinkets and tchotchkes. You can still provide them when they are needed but brand name products are the way to go in many, many cases.

While we’re on the subject of YOU, remember w-i-i-f-m (what’s in it for me).

  1. Money. Larger deal sizes mean more revenue. Price points and margins are similar to no-name products.
  2. Versatility. You can add thousands of brand name products to your portfolio. The more you offer the more customers you are likely to attract and keep.
  3. Reputation. Stand out from the crowd as a reliable resource for quality, price and delivery.

Sure, it can be a little daunting getting into the brand name gift arena. After all, there are literally thousands of products to choose from and every brand has its own approach to the business. But with a little perseverance you can conquer the premium product gift market and cash in on sales that you’re missing now.

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