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Archives: September, 2014

TCMPiMy experience with ChoiceGifts®


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The following story is from Shawna Lawton, our own Client Success Specialist. Shawna joined our team at the beginning of the summer. I have an ongoing incentive program for my sales and marketing team. I use our ChoiceGifts platform for the reward portion of the program. Without asking, Shawna wrote this story and sent it to me to share on the blog. Please give it a read. I was delighted.

— Tom Stearns, VP of Demand Generation and Business Development

I had most recently worked for a large publically traded company that prided themselves on “team member happiness.” It was actually one of their core values.  The interesting thing was that incentives for a job well done were few and far between.  I have more t-shirts, jackets, fleece vests, and bags with the company’s logo on them than I care to have or need.  I stopped taking them because “free marketing” for someone else’s profit doesn’t appeal to me and I began to feel underappreciated. While yes, there were the occasional raffle gifts such as an iPads, or TVs, your chances of winning were 1 in 200.  In the back of my mind I knew there had to be a better way to keep the team members happy and reward them for a job well done; something personal, memorable, or something they’d actually like.

A few months ago I began working for a corporate incentive company in Rhode Island called The Corporate Marketplace. The company offers gifts for employee recognition and corporate events under the brand ChoiceGifts®. The exciting thing about the gift received is that it is the recipient’s choice.

Ok, so I am sure you are wondering why I am taking the time to write about this.

Every week the sales and marketing team are given individual goals. If we attain our personal goals we are given a code to redeem a gift using the ChoiceGifts platform. This past week I received an email congratulating me on a job well done, a link to the website, and a code to redeem my gift. I immediately logged in to see what I was able to choose from. The funny thing was, part of my job is to look at the core collections that employees around the country look at everyday so I already knew what was included. But this time it was different; I had the opportunity to finally choose my own gift! I looked at several items, even sent a few options to my husband to see if he wanted anything.  In the end I chose the Mophie Juice Pack.

Most of you who know me are aware that I spend a lot of free time “Instagramming” my food and adult beverage images. My mobile phone battery is ALWAYS dying.  This Juice pack can charge my iPhone and laptop at the same time! After I ordered the item, I received confirmation and a note saying great choice. You know what? I agree! I received a confirmation email once the item shipped. I was pretty excited to know it was on the way! Yesterday — three business days later, I received my Mophie Juice Pack via UPS right to my home.  I love it; it was exactly what I wanted. I do feel valued as an employee; I am excited that I had the choice!

If you are looking for something to offer your employees you should check us out! I am one happy employee.  It really worked!!! It was and is a memorable experience.  Gone are the days of branded t-shirts as gifts!

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